There is MORE in You!

I felt that there was a conversation that is needed in today's world and as a creative entrepreneur, mentor and visionary who works up close with everyday women, I see the struggle with wanting to do and be more in life. So I wanted to share my story in hopes it would inspire other women like me to position themselves for MORE.


You were born to do and be MORE. There is a purpose inside of you waiting to be birthed out into endless possibilities...
You just have to get into POSITION!

In Positioned to Birth M.O.R.E, I help remove the uncertainty and confusion of trying to answer the questions of what am I supposed to be doing with my life and why me? She uses both the spiritual birthing process and the natural birthing process to help guide you in birthing your purpose and delves into the action steps for self discovery and identity after you have given birth. Nadia uses her life as a testimony to tell raw & real truths of how God saved her from herself by using the very things that were designed to kill her to birth not only God's purpose within her but what He is doing in the after birth because birthing is only half of the process. She empowers you to understand the importance of your position, so you can be reborn again as a daughter of the Kingdom and fulfill the unlimited possibilities of God has for you.


In this book you will learn how to give birth to your purpose and how to position

yourself fore M.O.R.E. after birth by 

             Maintain a healthy mindset so you can make wise decisions in all of your life

                                                             Overcome your fear by developing your faith

                                                             Reposition yourself in Mind, Body & Spirit so you can walk in Kingdom authority

          •                                                              Experience freedom through God’s grace by developing self- confidence and holy boldness.


If you have been suffering with a load of emotions, confusion about the direction of your life, and low self worth then
Positioned to Birth MORE is for you.


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Meet the Author

Nadia Olivia, has dedicated her life to serving God and women, known as a Creative Life Strategist & The Treasured midwife. With over 15 years of experience as an beauty entrepreneur and is the founder and chief creative officer of The Treasured Empire. A faith-based holistic lifestyle brand that provides handmade natural wellness beauty products, healthy haircare beauty services and integrity based creative arts programs for creatives who have a desire to more with their gifts and talents. With a passion to see women live a life of greatness she will be launching The Treasured for MORE Movement, which is accountability, internship and mentor programs for creative entrepreneurs.  For more information, visit


Who is this book for?


- It’s for the woman who is not looking for a hand out, but a chance to be able to create the life she dreams of… unapologetically.

- It’s for the woman who is unsure of how to make sense of the visions & gifts that God is sending, saying or doing.

- It's for the woman who struggles to hear God's voice because of the heaviness of Shame & Guilt.

- It’s for the woman who feels misunderstood, lost and confused because she doesn’t fit inside the box.

- It’s written for women like me who struggled to find value and worth in herself and what she creates.

- It’s for the creative woman like me- the maker, the artist, the hair stylist, the dancer who was told that they could never be a 1%

- It's for the women who knows she's not in it just for the money but for the heart of the Lord.

-It's for the woman who knows she's more than her gifts and talents , she has grit and grace for greater.

- It's for the woman who wants her gifts to be more than a talent but doesn't know how to make it purposeful.

- It’s for the daughter of the Kingdom who knows she was created for MORE but doesn’t know what that is and how to get there.

-It's for the creative who struggles to believe that she is NOT Jill of all trades and master of none.

- It's for the woman that has been gifted in multiple areas to serve others around her.

-It's for the woman who has decided to go after everything God has promised her.

-It's for the mother, sister, aunt, friend and daughter that is ready to get into position.