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  Hey You! 

It's time to allow your gifts to make room for you.

Yes, I'm, talking to YOU! 

Let's face it. There are things that come naturally to you and not to mention you have helped others achieve their desired outcome using those things. You come alive when you do them and you wonder because it finally feels like you're alive. Perhaps you have even made some money doing them but it doesn't feel right because it's so easy to you. Friend, thats what you call living in your Purpose. You know there is more but your hesitating.

You say you are being humble but you know you really hiding. I NEED YOU TO STOP IT! People need your gifts and have been assigned to you. They are are waiting to hear more from you, glean from you, learn from you, buy from you, and be inspired by you! It's time to step into whom you were created to be.

You know that you were meant to do more & be more. You were made to break generational mindsets. You were made impact billions. You were made to create legacy. You were made to lead boldly and Stand in your worth. All while sharing the GOSPEL through your Work.


Not Sure Where To Start?

No worries. That's where I can help.


It's time to allow your gifts to make room for you.

I am a Servant, Wife, Mom, Beauty Entrepreneur, Growth Mentor & the CEO of The Treasured Empire, LLC. The 1st Christian Beauty & Wellness Lifestyle Marketplace. Made up of multiple brands that offer products and services for the "whole" person.

As a beauty entrepreneur and mentor for over 20 years, I’ve been witnessed the testimonies of fearfully and wonderfully made women, who each have a story of their own. Stories of breakthrough, triumph, and resilience. Each with their own unique gifts hidden within which allows them to discover their purpose, power & possibility.

I’m a true believer that GOD wants us to experience a life of more in every area of our lives. Not only limited to wealth but in our daily relationships, experiences, lifestyles and so much more.

Like you, I have a story too... I was the "Jane of all trades" doing everything & anything but going nowhere. I felt lost, confused & burnt out until I discovered the treasure within. I finally knew my purpose and understood the assignment. It was then that I gained clarity, confidence, and consistency throughHis promises. I knew there was more for me and I know there is for you as well.

I've made it my mission to help women just like you, to change the way you look at your life, one gift at a time. I want to invite you on this journey of more where I’ll be going on the journey with you as we embark on the good, the bad, the ugly, and everything in between.

As a Master Creator for over 30years, I have leveraged my gifts into a successful professional career while building a multi-million dollar empire. Allow me to show you exactly how you can align your mindset and help you to monetize your gifts so you can live a life of greatness, move into your more, all while being treasured with the true Treasure guiding you all the way.

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Your Life Is Worthy Of HIS Promises

 I believe you have EVERYTHNG you need in you to Be More & Do More. You just have to P.U.S.H & P.R.E.S.S!

Discover the gift(Treasure) of God in You!

It’s Time to Position Yourself For GREATNESS! Are you experiencing birthing pains? Do you feel like you have something inside of you that’s burning to come out? Are you ready to live in your truth and be who you were destined to be? If so, it’s time…

Equipped with prayers, self-reflection questions and real life testimonies, you will learn how to be able to birth possibilities out of your gifts so you can monetize them, understand your purpose and use faith to make make it possible to prosper in every are of your life.