to a place where your gifts make room for you…

Sharpen your creative skills with in person Workshops,Do- It- Yoursef kits, Masterclasses and More...
Be apart of a creative experience like no other...at Treasured Hands!

Make candles, create soaps, paint master pieces, and so much more...
on your own, with a friend, or as part of a group!
We welcome celebrations, including birthday parties, friend gatherings and more.
Be sure to review our current policy for precautions against COVID-19.

~~No prior experience is required, from ages 3 and beyond~

Join us for a candle-making workshop experience that will light your life. Learn about candle making and have fun creating your own.

Join us for an oil blending workshop that will bring out the shimmer in your life.Learn about blending oils and have fun creating your own.

Join us for a scrub making workshop that will scrub away all the dead things in your life. Learn about bodys scrubs and have fun creating your own.

Join us for paint workshop that will put purpose back in your life.Learn about painting affirmations and have fun creating your own.


Our mission at Treasured Hands is to provide creative experiences that are

intentional and purposeful.

Discover hidden creative gifts and talents by stepping out of your

comfort zone using the gifts that God gave you.  

We provide relaxing and therapeutic experiences for all.

Our goal is to engage, empower, and educate the best way we know how--being CREATIVE!

By developing our self-worth and confidence through our gifts and talents we are able to connect

our faith and our creativity.

We believe we are all made to be creative because we were made in the image of the original Creator and

there are limitless possibilities to what we can create.