3 Reasons Why I Started A Skincare Company

Treasured Beauty originated from the humblest of beginnings. Our founder, Nadia Olivia, initially started Treasured Beauty without the intention of it becoming what it now is. Nadia Olivia wanted a solution to a problem that was unfolding before her own eyes. Her first born daughter was suffering from a gluten allergy that everyone around her, including doctors, dismissed. The only person who Nadia felt heard by was God. After endless nights of crying out to God and allowing Him to make sense of her tears, Nadia finally got an answer. She heard God tell her to use natural herbs and plant oils along with the Word of God, and she obeyed. Nadia Olivia researched new ingredients and checked back into her Caribbean roots to come up with what would be the first ever experience in Treasured Beauty, the Delicate collection. After using it on her daughter every single night and seeing results, Nadia Olivia was now certain that her labor wasn’t in vain.
Nadia Olivia knew that God didn’t give her this solution to keep to herself. She knew that her own experience would encourage, help, and heal others. Skin care is not “one size fits all”, and Nadia Olivia understood that. From the issues she encountered with her own daughter, she knew that there were other people out there struggling to find products that worked for their skin and spoke to their spirit. There weren’t many faith-based brands out there, and there still aren’t. Nadia Olivia knew that Treasured Beauty had to be different because she was different. God allows things to happen so that tribulations may become testimonies. Nadia Olivia went through a tribulation that for a long time, she didn’t see a way out of. God took that same tribulation and gave her a testimony; out of that testimony came Treasured Beauty. Nadia Olivia came to the realization that the best treasures aren’t kept as secrets--they are shared with the world.
Treasured Beauty created a whole new skin care experience. For those who were desperately searching for something, anything, to feed their spirits, Treasured Beauty became an option. This new, faith-based company made it possible for individuals to find God even in the smallest way. There are many things that make Treasured Beauty special; it may be the fact that every experience is paired with a scripture, or the fact that it uses all natural organic products, or the fact that it has a souled out, Christian woman as its CEO, but the one thing that makes it special beyond all is the fact the company isn’t even really Nadia Olivia’s--she dedicates it all to God. Nadia Olivia acknowledges God in everything she does and it reflects in the time and energy she puts into her products and her business. 
Doing anything requires risk because you never know whether or not you’re going to succeed. Nadia Olivia took that risk because she knew she had God as her safety net. Everyone wants to make a difference, but everyone is scared of being different. Treasured Beauty is evidence that it’s okay to stand out for Christ because the accomplishment isn’t in the success, but it's in the souls that are touched and the lives that are transformed.