Treasured Beauty Moments


    One of the key things to great skincare is a good bedtime routine. This also aids in a good night’s sleep. Treasured Beauty products can help you w...
  • Are You Afraid of Your Greatness?

    Are you ready to birth more? I know I am. After surviving a year like 2020, that tried to knock us off our feet and steal a lot from us. The fact that I am writing this and you are reading this right now is a big deal. It tried to steal our strength, it tried to steal our confidence, and it tried to steal our joy but it didn’t win. 
  • Journey to 40: 40 Life Lessons from a Treasured Beauty

    I am normally a private person but I wanted to share because I found freedom in writing. So I’ve compiled a list of 40 Lessons that I’ve learned. I have learned 40 years' worth of lessons, most the hard way, and some the easy way, but nevertheless, I learned. And I hope you do too.
  • 3 Reasons Why I Started A Skincare Company

    Treasured Beauty originated from the humblest of beginnings. Our founder, Nadia Olivia, initially started Treasured Beauty without the intention of it becoming what it now is. Nadia Olivia wanted a solution to a problem that was unfolding before her own eyes. Her first born daughter was suffering from a gluten allergy that everyone around her, including doctors, dismissed. The only person who Nadia felt heard by was God. 
  • Introducing a New Experience

    Introducing a new experience... The beauty in a treasure is that it comes in different forms at different phases. It is something to be discovered....
  • Tis' the season for the Treasure of God

    The Most Wonderful Time of the Year is quickly approaching and what better way to celebrate than with Treasured Beauty. A natural, organic, handmad...
  • A Message of Hope From Our Founder

    Dear Friend, Allow me to share some thoughts with you that I believe are a bit vulnerable and transparent. I don't have the ri...