One of the key things to great skincare is a good bedtime routine. This also aids in a good night’s sleep.

Treasured Beauty products can help you wind down after a long day. Some of our collections, like Just Because and Peace are meant to calm you down and relax you! Grab your favorite cup of tea, book, and Treasured Beauty product to engage in these calming skin rituals!

Warm Baths

We may not have time for a lot of things, but we should dedicate at least one day a week to a nice, warm bath.

Baths have many benefits, but the main ones for relaxation are:

  • Warm water eases away stress and tension
  • Taking a bath forces us to take a break from electronics--including work and school. We put down our electrical batteries and get the chance to recharge ourselves.
  • When we bathe with our favorite relaxing scents (in this case, Just Because & Peace), we get many mind benefits. Relaxing scents like vanilla, lavender, and chamomile help our minds to wind down while our bodies do the same. Using either a Just Because Milk Bath or a Peace Body Wash, you can enhance your bath experience by adding a few drops of these products into a warm bath.

4 Step Experience

When cleansing, you should try your best to focus on a 4 step process. This process helps to center your mind, body, and soul through skin care.

The first step  is to cleanse using an artisan soap bar or body wash. This helps wash away the physical and spiritual dirt.

The second step is to exfoliate using a body scrub. This helps scrub away all the dead skin to allow your skin to produce new layers.

The second step is to moisturize using a body butter or an oil to hydrate the skin and return moisture that was previously lost.

The final step is to reflect. This is your opportunity to connect with God and dedicate at least one part of your day to Him.

Self Massage 

Many people may not know this, but our faces house a lot of our stress. The rest of the stress falls on our shoulders, necks, backs, feet, and more. When we focus on massaging these areas, we help to alleviate some of this stress.

Following up a warm bath and a 4 step cleansing process with a massage helps to aid in relaxation. Allowing the oil to penetrate your skin and the scent to transform your mind will help take your relaxation experience to the next level.

Try to incorporate these rituals into your next Treasured Beauty relaxation experience and see how it goes. There’s no harm in trying. Will you start with one or all?