Are You Afraid of Your Greatness?

Are you ready to birth more? I know I am. After surviving a year like 2020, that tried to knock us off our feet and steal a lot from us. The fact that I am writing this and you are reading this right now is a big deal. It tried to steal our strength, it tried to steal our confidence, and it tried to steal our joy but it didn’t win. The truth is, a lot of us haven’t recovered from this. Some of us  haven’t picked ourselves from out of the ashes. We haven’t let the old things pass away. And that’s understandable, because letting go is often hard to do. I struggle with it sometimes as well. But what I’ve learned is that we can pick ourselves up because we are the descendants of the God of the “Comeback”. If we are equipped with the promises of God, we can do anything through his son,  Jesus Christ. And if we have that then nothing the world gives can actually be stolen. Greatness was given to us when Jesus died on the cross for us and it's up to us to believe. The Holy Spirit lives inside of us and only when we tap in will He reveal himself to us in ways we can’t imagine. It comes in many forms, whether it be our strength, our creativity, our purpose, our peace and so much more. We  just have to look with the eyes of Jesus. Our confidence, our  joy, our uniqueness lies dormant inside of us as well. We just have to take the time to birth it out of us. Our greatness can never be destroyed  because it was given to us by God. It was never stolen or went away, it is simply inside of us, growing, waiting to be born.

We often wait for the “right time” to do things, which keeps us stagnant for years. This notion of the “right time” keeps us in a box, preventing us from making any moves because we don’t trust God and we don’t trust ourselves. The truth of the matter is that there is no “right time” for anything. Anything worth doing requires a leap of faith and a whole lotta trust. While having faith and trusting ourselves seems difficult, trusting God is easy. I like to believe that we were all put on this earth for a purpose. In fact, I know we were. The plan for greatness was already created when God created us, now it's time for us to put ourselves in position.

The one thing that keeps greatness hostage is fear; fear of failure, fear of disappointment, and fear of missing out. We don’t take the chance because we aren’t sure we will succeed, we aren’t true to ourselves because we are afraid to disappoint those around us, and we don’t make a change because we don’t want to feel left behind. These are all the results of fear. What we feel to realize is that fear and favor can’t reside in the same place. As a child of God, we can find peace in knowing that our steps are ordered. There is no such thing as failure in Christ. What may look like failure to us is just God taking off the safety wheels. We never want to feel pain so we want God to do it all for us. When He finally starts making us do our share of the work, we feel like He’s left us, but that’s not true. He’s simply giving us room to grow up.

A fact that we must always remember is that our mind, bodies, and souls are not our own. There is no one person that can take that away from us. Not with their words or their actions. We cannot let ourselves be moved by what someone else says we are when we know who and whose we are. We have to train ourselves to be empowered, because once we have power, no one can take that away. Our power is rooted in our greatness, and once we acknowledge that, that is when we will truly be unstoppable.  Sometimes, we let our emotions get in the way of our greatness. Instead of just feeling them, we become them and sometimes that becomes a problem. Thankfully, emotions can be put into submission if we just try. Focusing on the good things will make it easier to block out the bad. It’s all in our minds. We have the power, no matter what chaos is going on, to choose peace because that is a gift that was given freely to us by God. In the most trying times, we can choose to smile because our emotions don’t own us, we own them. Once we master feeling and not becoming, we can use this skill to help us empower ourselves. Empowering ourselves takes discipline, which isn’t always an easy thing. The only hard part is that we have to make it a daily habit. We must start the day with speaking life into ourselves and end the day on the same note, consistently. This is how we ignite the fire inside of us. This is how we become great.

I am still honing in my greatness, as I am sure we all are.  And that’s okay. As long as we acknowledge the greatness is actually there, the hard part is over. What I’ve learned is that anyone can believe in you, but it takes courage to actually believe in yourself. Once you are confident that you were not meant to fail in this life, it makes life so much more worth living. I believe, “ What is for you is for you and it will all work out in His way anyway,” holds true. Greatness is for us all, because God destined us to be great, with hard work and dedication, and we will be.