Just Because Aroma Mist  (Egyptian Lavender, Chamomile)

Just Because Aroma Mist (Egyptian Lavender, Chamomile)

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Our Aromatherapy Mist is a concentrated natural handcrafted spray made with pure essential oils to bring calming and relaxation at anytime. Essential oils are  blended to bring the blessings of nature as a gift anytime. This specific blend can be used as a body hydrating spray, room or car spray. An added benefit is that our customers have also used it to eliminate odor.


  • Chamomile essential oil improves insomnia
  • Natural & Chemical Free
  • Made with pure Essential Oils to bring calm & relaxation
  • Relaxes the body, quiet the mind and calms the spirit

Purified Water, Witch hazel & essential oil blend.


Thanks for supporting our natural handcrafted skincare line. Love, Heal &  your skin the natural way ❤